Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?
Because of the vast range of circumstances we have to take in to account (travel, dates, size of venue, PA requirements etc…) we do not have a fixed price. However, our prices do start from as little as £1000. Please use the form on the ‘contact’ and we will give you an accurate quote within a couple of hours.
How long does it take you to get set up?
About 45-50 minutes ordinarily, once we have access to the room that we’re playing in! This includes a proper soundcheck to make sure the system is setup for the room in which we’re playing.
Do you have any requirements?
All that we require is some drinks to keep the vocal chords going. Other then that, we’re very low maintenance!
Do you carry your own lighting equipment?
Yes, we carry a high end quality sound system which is loud enough to fill most wedding and party venues for numbers of up to 250 and we also provide standard stage and disco lighting.
Do you have PLI & PAT certificates?
Yes and we’re happy to email them to the venue in before the event!